Upcoming project: Towaco Crossing and Rails Restaurant

Towaco Crossing and Rails Steak House
Towaco Crossing and Rails Steak House - Opening March 2012

“Our promise is to honor the past…by repeating its best lessons. Learning from our predecessors is an essential tool for teaching our descendants. It is this intersection where all rails join.” ~Jack Costantino. Pres., TFU~

The Morris Canal:

Sometimes history should repeat itself.

If there is a single development in the history of progress for our local area as well as the nation, it must be our network of transportation and the commerce it serves. After reviewing its extraordinary account… the expertise, inventiveness and sheer hard work of that process is starkly evident in the example of the 100 year history of New Jersey’s Morris Canal. (Circa 1820-1920).

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  1. This restaurant is great! Since it’s opening day in March of 2012 every evening, after I take the train home from the city I stop at Rails for a bite to eat. The steaks are juicy, and I would recommend any appetizer since they are all good. When you walk in ask the hostess to sit you on the right side of the restaurant, the cold slab of concrete that you sit on and the view since there still are no windows is breathtaking. Sometimes I wonder why I’m the only one at rails. Then I wake up and realize I’m dreaming, because Rails still isn’t open maybe in 5 years when we have jetsons flying cars, and treadmills to walk Astro…. Our tax dollars will finally be worth this lengthy project! The steaks better be to die for!!

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