We really appreciate the time you’ve spent on our behalf. If and when the time comes to select a builder for our timber frame home, you are certainly at the top of the list. We may even wind up buying a property that we can move into, and have a timber frame addition put on. Regardless, your professionalism and willingness to help has not gone unnoticed.

Dominic and Stacy V., Newton, PA

In my real estate law practice, I place a great deal of importance on people returning my phone calls in a timely manner. If I get a quick return call, in my mind it is often indicative of how reliable that person is. Timber Frames Unlimited, in addition to providing an excellent product, was always immediately responsive to my questions, comments or concerns. Typically, I would get an answer to my questions within a day and the answers always addressed the issue. The level of service was superior, and I say that as a land use lawyer who unfortunately has had some disappointing experiences with builders over the years. For that reason, it made building our timber frame home a relatively smooth process with few glitches. I researched timber frame companies extensively before choosing TFU and I clearly made the right choice.

Don R. and Karen T., Vineland, NJ

Have we told you lately what a pleasure it is having you remodel our home? After two bathrooms, counter tops and a kitchen redo, we couldn’t be happier with the results. Not only are you dependable but also creative and clean. To have workmen that seem to care as much about our home as we do is quite a treat. Thank you for all you have done and are doing. We honestly miss you when the job is completed.

Bob and Barbara G., Succasunna, NJ

Jack and Drew provided important and useful information from the get-go above and beyond their contract. We appreciate their dedication to detail and personal onsite attention to our project. Their old fashioned brand of hands-on service is hard to come by in these times. We’re glad we have the TFU team on the job.

Gary and Barbara S., Zionsville, PA

Now you can relax. With Jack Costantino at the helm, you have access to his integrity, experience, quality workmanship, innovative design and ideas. You sense immediately you’ve made the correct decision and Jack can guide you through the process. His work is truly of the highest quality and you will experience complete customer satisfaction. He follows through and follows up. He becomes the guest you never want to leave.

Ruthy and Bob G., Long Valley, NJ

I worked with Jack Costantino and his team from Timber Frames Unlimited on my recent home addition. Jack was responsible for raising the timber frame and SIP panels on a site that was very difficult to access and stage. Because of the unusual configuration and floor plan, extreme accuracy and pre-planning was required. The process went smoother than I had ever hoped and the end product of Jack’s work was meticulous. His collaborative input with the project architect, his own design team and other project contractors produced a perfect blend of old and new.

I am a commercial real estate developer and have dealt with hundreds of contractors; it is rare to find a professional with a vast wealth of knowledge about every aspect of the building industry such as Jack.

I am so impressed with Jack, I’ve retained his consulting services for a 40,000+ SF commercial development which will include a 12,000 SF timber framed restaurant. When the planning and approval stage is complete, it is our hope that Jack will build it for me.

Jim S., Towaco, NJ

My involvement with Timber Frames Unlimited and Jack Costantino has been both valuable and rewarding. It’s a pleasure dealing with such an astute organization.

Anthony G., AIA, Ridgefield Park, NJ

We recently bought a piece of property in Narrowsburg NY. Our hopes were to someday build our dream weekend getaway. We wanted to build in a style that would suit our use and the upstate location. A log home was a possibility but seemed a little too rustic for our taste. This drew us to timber frame building. It gives us that look we wanted and also the quality of a legacy home that would last. With that decision made, we really did not know where to start. Luckily, we stumbled onto a timber frame manufacturer called Timber Frames Unlimited. We met Jimmy Vogt and Jack Costantino and immediately felt comfortable with the experience, knowledge and trustworthiness that they brought to the table. We really did not know where to start and they immediately invited us to view two of their existing projects to get a flavor of what goes into one of their homes. They then offered to visit our lot for a site evaluation.

All this time, we still did not have any idea what type of floor plan we would like and where to begin. Upon their visit, Jack, who is the actual president of Timber Frames Unlimited, showed us how the site will actually dictate the floor plan of the house. The views we wanted to maximize and the natural layout of the lot was the main contributor of floor plan of the house. This is something that Jimmy had originally said on our first meeting; he could not understand how an architect would not go to the site prior to putting a pencil to paper in a design.

After marking our lot with the natural position of the exterior walls, Jack began to sketch out the natural layout of the house. All of a sudden, a large weight seemed to have been lifted as we easily passed the first hurdle of this process a lot easier than I had anticipated. We now have a good idea of what we want in a floor plan based on the natural layout of the view of the lot. I cannot thank them enough for helping to get the ball rolling and making us feel comfortable in moving ahead.

Jason & Cindy F., Narrowsburg, NY

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