WOW! Now that’s a truly…”GREAT ROOM!”

Although wonderfully spacious Master Suites and Media Centers are increasing aspects of current home design, the central core of a homes living space is where much of the living gets done. What makes a Great Room…GREAT?…is your ability to enjoy all aspects of living…inside and out.

Connecting the Great Room to the kitchen and dining area is a key ingredient in the way our homeowners use their homes. Contrary to the “cubicle” concept of traditional home design in previous decades…the objective now is to eliminate the walls separating ourselves from our guests. The unique nature of Timber Framed construction allows this flexibility. Combining space and allowing the interior to co-mingle with the exterior, enables all occupants to do the same.

Within…just a few steps The “Gathering Space” flows to comfy seating by a toasty fire. Gathering is encouraged and inspired by the connectivity of all areas. The jaw dropping beauty of custom crafted, structural Timbers enhances the pleasure and enjoyment of all in its embrace. It’s strength and artisanal, furniture like aesthetic, provide a dramatic and historic remembrance of the way building used to be. And for us…still is!

What’s not to like?

TFU “Timber Talk”


OK…let’s GUILD this Lily…

Every summer…our Lilies reappear. Needless to say they’re not only beautiful…but incredibly reliable. The pleasure they bring is truly amazing, tangible and appreciated literally…as well as beneath our consciousness. As if they are enjoying us…enjoying them!!!

Here’s another thing of beauty…the The Log Home & Timber Frames Show.

Attending, enjoying, contributing and participating and these extraordinary gatherings of exceptionally crafty individuals is a very good thing to do.



(How it begins and ends)
Our FREYBURG, MAINE PROJECT for Rich and Karen R.

Mount Washington
Mount Washington

(Site Evaluation Visit)

Step ONE:
Pull up a BOULDER! Yup…not kidding…unless we visit the Site and sit on a rock with our clients, we’ll have no idea where or how to begin.

Step TWO:
Evaluate for Energy Efficiency. Passive solar access. Wind buffering trees. Access to building site for foundation, deliveries, heavy equipment.

What is there to see…Views…and where do we want to see it from?

Kezar Pond
Kezar Pond

Step FOUR:
Hand sketching preliminary floor plans based on the above site dynamics, and a patient revision process ensures a well considered final plan.

Preliminary Hand Sketch
Preliminary Hand Sketch

Step FIVE:
Prepare a precise quote for the finalized design concept.

Step SIX:
Approve and order the package which satisfies your preferences as well as your budget.

We meet with, and assist the process of integrating our unique Timber Frame and SIP components with your LOCAL BUILDER / GC. We maintain availability throughout the entire building process to provide any and all specialized information relative to the package we provide.

Move in and ENJOY!!!



Our new ECO FRIENDLY HOME built in Fryeburg, Maine is a wonderful example of Design, Energy Efficiency and Beautiful living. It’s Mt. Washington and Kezar Pond setting doesn’t hurt a bit. Enjoy a detailed VIRTUAL HOME TOUR to understand every nook and cranny of this special home.


The 44,000 SF TOWN CENTER PROJECT in TOWACO, NJ is pressing forward to completion. A major improvement, combining retail, residential and the 12,000 SF RAILS STEAKHOUSE launches this quiet North Jersey community as a destination for shoppers, commuters and fine dining.

Our client’s dedication to detail is evidenced in his participation and input in every aspect of the project. This original flooring pattern in an entry alcove is an example of his extraordinary artistry and vision. This assembly of individual “tree slices” in a book-matched pattern is not for the timid of heart or craft.

This “natural”…and beautifully crafted, dining loft railing and branch baluster design encloses the open floor to the main dining level. A full size tree trunk sails through multiple levels to the roof.

Every indication is that future guests of RAILS will be attended with the same attention and creativity. The unique nature of these architectural details will be reflected in exceptional service, embracing ambiance and simply great food. WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE…..

Treat yourself to this “virtual” guided tour of RAILS STEAKHOUSE @ Towaco Crossing. Watch for future progress reports and an opportunity for an invite to the GRAND OPENING.


(You be the judge.)




“Nor rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor minus 7 degree mornings will keep our dedicated (and a little crazy) frame raising crew from their appointed rounds.”


I must admit…even with 54 plus years as a carpenter/builder, our recent Timber Frame raising in Whitehouse Station, NJ was a bit harrowing. (See my boots on the right). Sub-zero temps, icy perimeter and limited access were our constant partners during a week long project with no Mike at Johnsonbreaks, power bar lunches and occasional slips and falls.




In the end…our compact and beautiful TF addition to an existing home worked out well…and all survived. With other projects and commitments to address there was no option for longer weather delays than our client already experienced. So raise it we did. Thank you team mates Michael (left) and Al (right) (aka Anim-AL). We truly would have been unable to sustain our commitment to our client without your can-do, will-do focus.




Thanks also to Taylor (the Nailer), son of the owner who jumped in to help anytime he was not in school. He appeared each afternoon, tool belt strapped on and ready to go. We are very grateful for your help and impressed with your willing and voluntary work ethic.

Thanks again… Jack, Mike and Al

Dutch Shultz

Dutch Schultz
Dutch Schultz

What does noted Gangster, Bootlegger Dutch Schultz have to do with our Timber Frame structures….wellllll here’s the answer.

A new distillery barn is being built in Pine Plains, New York, for Dutch’s Spirits. The property the distillery is being built on has a rich history from the Prohibition Era. During this time, a lot of “bootlegging,” led by mobster Dutch Schulz, went on. We are thrilled to be part of this project and will be supplying and raising the timber frame for the barn.

Rails Steakhouse

The exterior finishing is in progress at RAILS STEAKHOUSE. Mechanical systems are underway including a MASTER GOURMET KITCHEN with its own AGING ROOM for preparing and delivering Prime Aged Steaks to the tables of our special guests. Close your eyes for a moment…enjoy the aroma. OOPS…be careful…you’re drooling in advance.

Treat yourself to this “virtual” guided tour of RAILS STEAKHOUSE @ Towaco Crossing. Watch for future progress reports and an opportunity for an invite to the GRAND OPENING.


…and while you’re at it have fun with this “virtual tour” of a Timber Frame home interior. Travel through four seasons in less than a minute.


Owego Mid-July
Owego Mid-July

Our OWEGO, NY clients are powered up and moving along with interior work. Much of the work is being done by Michael and Sheryl in a hand to hand effort with local craftsfolk.

Thanks to excellent team work, significant progress has been made toward getting closed in to the weather. Snow has already fallen, and the temps are dropping, but with the mechanical systems underway and assistance of a couple of space heaters, the winter will offer an opportunity to get interior finishing done at a relatively easy pace.

As with many of our homes the self sustaining elements include Energy Efficient Structural Insulated Panels and separately zoned radiant heat. Because of the temperate locale, no A/C is planned. And besides Michael and Sheryl could just as easily (and have) enjoy an overnight in a portable dwelling comprised of available materials gathered on the spot at their 40 plus acre property.

Owego Now
Owego Now

They in fact teach these survival skills at their “WILDERNESS WAY SCHOOL“. Visit their website to learn more about courses and schedules. I’ve been treated to fishing in the lake and learning how to make extraordinarily strong grass rope from the growth around its perimeter. FASCINATING!

EUROPE…a Timber Frame Lovers Paradise…the FOOD ain’t bad either!!


Ornate Timber Ceiling in Beaune, FR
Ornate Timber Ceiling in Beaune, FR

2-2We were fortunate to enjoy a spectacular trip this year to Northern Italy and France. As always when travelling abroad I head right for the examples of early Timber Framing…and then the local Bouchon or other emporium of culinary delight. A daily diet of FOIS GRAS and ESCARGOT is an excellent way to prepare for strenuous climbs to the tops of the Cathedrals and other structures which feature early and still functional examples of Timber Framing. The Timbers often located in the ceilings of otherwise stone structures, are magnificent to behold. I never cease to be impressed by their history, durability and beauty.

The food and architecture may be straight out of the Middle Ages…but our appreciation is as contemporary as can be. The magnificence of Versailles and impressions of relatively Modern structures like the Eiffel Tower embed the memory as well as imagination. Calculating the degree of difficulty for building these historic monuments is as mind boggling as understanding how (and why) one properly opens a bottle of Champagne with a ceremonial sword…but both are done.

Tasting wine from Cinque Terra, Italy to the vineyards of France’s Provence and Beaujolais region is tough work…but someone has to do it…and do it we did. As with all journeys…the people you meet along the way are a key to the experience. We were very happy to be traveling with a small group of revelers, devoid of negativity, not dieting and totally immersed in the moment. Now…that’s my kind of travelling companion.

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