Complete Building Services

We strive to offer every client a unique building experience. We personally help shape and guide your home project from start to finish.

We bring our flexibility and 50+ years of knowledge and experience to stand with you, offering guidance, action and answers where needed to ensure that the building process (from beginning to end) goes smoothly.

Let us handle ALL your project needs.

  • Help you site and design your timber frame home (SEV)

    From our first visit to your home site during an SEV (Site Evaluation Visit), we will explore your design options relative to the assets and limitation of your land. Whether working with your plans or working with our designers to develop a custom plan, or choosing one of our predesigned models to modify into your perfect dream home, we’ll bring your vision and preferences to life!

  • Plan creation and engineering

    Utilizing the information gathered at our SEV, we pre-form a functional and efficient collaboration between you and our design staff to develop the best possible outcome. Even before you formalize your design agreement, we work together to maximize our understanding of the home you want and how we can accomplish it. This expedites the formal design process, saving time and the unnecessary expense of excessive revisions. Better yet, ALL design deposits are credited back to your Package Purchase Contract when your order is confirmed. Click here to preview our design agreement.

  • Build your budget

    Using your budget parameters, we assemble your project with an understanding and sensitivity to the ingredients which will accommodate its limitations while providing the most bang for your buck.

  • Cut, deliver and erect immaculately crafted timber frame at your site

    Michael Diver at Zionsville PA timber frame site

    Utilizing traditional wood joinery with a combination of hand and hi-tech crafting techniques, we fashion a furniture grade timber frame specifically designed to create your home’s unique ambiance. Because of their structural capacity, timber frame homes feature dramatic open spaces and virtually unlimited flexibility in room organization. Available in several wood species including dense select Douglas fir and Eastern white pine with pre-applied natural or stained finishes, we can produce a wide variety of aesthetic range from furniture like sophistication to rustic. You decide. Visit our extensive gallery of finished projects, and standard and custom home plans.

  • Install SIPs (Structured Insulated Panels)

    structural insulation panels

    SIP panels replace the stick framing, 2x4s and 2x6s and loose fiberglass insulation of conventional exterior wall construction. Higher, full envelope R-values reduce your home’s energy consumption while providing immediate and permanent savings during your period of ownership, and continue to serve future owners for the life of the structure. It’s a wonderful and thoughtful way to contribute to the environment and reduce our dependence on foreign as well as domestic oil reserves. The combination of timber frame and SIP construction expedites the process of construction allowing for a rapid weathering-in of the exterior shell. Getting out of the ground and covered up quickly allows us to achieve more predictable completion and move-in date objectives. Click here to learn more about SIPs at our fabricator’s website.

  • TFU can provide general contracting, project management and/or consulting services to see your new home through to completion

    We want you to not only enjoy the finished product, but we can work with you to see that you enjoy the process – the process of seeing your dream home come to life – from foundation to finish. When a client finds it desirable and a benefit to their needs, TFU can be retained to provide full service GC and Project Management services from permits to paint…dirt to done! We work with a combination of our own and the best of available local resources to get your project approved, in the ground and efficiently through the entire process of construction. After 50+ years, we know the dynamics of this process and we’re available to guide any part or all of it for you.

At TFU, our services can take you beyond your timber raising. We bring more than 50 years’ experience to your building process. This means we do not abandon you or your dream home once your timber frame is set on your site. Continuity ensures that your project will move along smoothly with a great deal of attention to detail.

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