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Journey Worker / Apprentice Program

Dan Roberts, Jon Pease, Michael Tebaldi
Dan Roberts, Jon Pease, Michael Tebaldi
If there is a single objective important to the survival of the craft of Timber Framing it may be the success of the JOURNEY WORKER and APPRENTICE PROGRAM. At TFU, we were pleased and privileged to provide Burlington Conference registration for three young men who are at various stages of participation or aspiration for the program. They are enthusiastic about their current and future connection to Timber Framing and looking forward to pursuing a continuing career in the craft. I must say I was beyond impressed with them, their commitment and plans for the future. They are well suited candidates for carrying the craft into the next generation.

Here at TFU, as a result of our Conference experience, we have made a commitment to supporting these programs going forward. To that end we will be reaching out by phone to member companies of the TFBC and those represented in the TFG’s individual roster.

The fact is that a member of your current shop staff may be a short application away from qualification for these programs. Based on the current structure of the program, a JW must be available to mentor, manage and oversee the curriculum status of an Apprentice. Annual dues for each are only $1,000.00. The pay-off for our craft going forward is enormous. Your long term shop personnel and TF crafters have accumulated practical experience and knowledge which may provide an easy transition to the JW program. Assistance is available for completing the necessary paperwork directly from the ATC (Apprentice Training Committee). Once your JW is registered, other crafters in your shop can become members of the AP training program. CLIK HERE to Contact the ATC directly for additional information about how you can utilize this existing asset while supporting the future of Timber Framing. Becoming a participant in the JW / AP program is a way to spotlight your shop in the TF community as well as with your prospects and clients.

If direct participation in the JW / AP program is not possible or practical for your shop, there are other ways to support this effort. Read the below excerpt from Curtis Milton and Isaac McCoy-Sulentic in November’s SCANTLINGS. CLIK HERE to read the balance of the article in the APPRENTICE LOG on page 8.

“Another engine, which to date has been misfiring, is support from the timber frame industry. “

2“More companies registering more journey workers, and then more apprentices, is perhaps the greatest measure of success as spelled out in the ATP goals, but that is not the only way industry could contribute. Brokering or contributing a revenue-generating project that can be a training platform; cash or in-kind donations; and sponsoring, organizing, and hosting training sessions would all help keep the program sustainable.”

PREFER TO WRITE A CHECK??? Well allllllrighty then…I have been assured by acting Board President, John Miller that filling in the MEMO line on your check made out to the GUILD (an accompanying note will back up your intentions) dedicating the funds to be utilized by the JW / AP Program will effectively set them aside. ANY AMOUNT IS A GOOD AMOUNT!! Funding the program will assist its growth and relevance for new and seasoned TF crafters alike.


Over the next several weeks I will do my best to personally connect with each member of the TFBC and companies represented on the TFG rolls. Although I would love it if you were willing to sign up on the phone…you CAN’T! The purpose of my brief call will be to learn more about what and how the JW / ATC program could work for you…OR…if and how you would be willing to provide support. Although I have met many of you at conferences over the years…if this is our first time…I promise to be gentle. Please take my call. It’s likely I won’t stop calling until you do…

Seriously…as a relatively mature individual (72 on Halloween)…in the time I have left, and while I’m still able…I would like to help grow the JW / AP program. I believe its importance to the TF community and craft is a no-brainer.


3“We also regret the resignation of TFG, Project Director, Alicia Spence. As stated in SCANTLINGS…

“The board regretfully accepted the resignation of project director Alicia Spence after completion of the successful project in Vicksburg, Mich. Alicia has managed some of the most noteworthy and successful projects in Guild history. We wish her the best as she moves on to other endeavors.”

4Along with the loss of Joel McCarty and implementation of Corporate Management; we may experience a sea change in the face and personality of the Guild. For an organization which has maintained a truly community dynamic…bordering on familial…one can not help but wonder what we will become.

Economic dynamics from local to global, over the past several years have presented many challenges to all business models across the board. As a niche market in housing, it’s no surprise that we have experienced some of the contraction typical of all Organizations and Artisanal endeavors in particular.

Organizationally speaking, the membership at large will be the recipient of the benefits, efficiencies and success of the current iteration…or not. Although unavoidably disconcerted at the moment, my personal plan is to press forward with as much resolve as I can muster to help stabilize and grow our professional organizations, as well as add to our share of homebuilding locally and nationally. For me the JW / AP program is a great focus to assist that process.

Have anything to say about any of the above…hit me back HERE. Comments may be published in future “TIMBER TALK” segments.

Talk to you later….

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