eSIP plan

Although traditional Timber Frame components are our mainstay, we also provide entire pre-cut framing packages including all phases of a structures assembly. In fact…some of our homes may have NO TIMBER FRAME elements at all.

Our loose, pre-cut stick and/or pre-assembled eSIP wall panels are an exceptionally affordable and efficient option for creating the shell of your home. Pre-assembled eSIP wall panels are available with sustainable soy based insulating foam applied for convenience and energy efficiency.

Combining Timbers and conventional framing is a great way to build-in affordability while creating the home of your preferences. A HYBRID design provides increased bang for your buck by including Timbers only where they can be appreciated and enjoyed by all. There is an added benefit of significant labor savings in the field with the rapid assembly of pre-cut and or pre-panelized components elsewhere.

Sooooo….NO INTEREST in Timber Frame…NO PROBLEM…we can and will design and build your home the way you want it. After all…you’re the customer…which in our opinion makes you… The Boss of YOU!


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