Japanese TeahouseNeed a quiet contemplative space overlooking a garden, mountain view or pond? Our Japanese Tea House will calm and embrace you simultaneously. Of all the SPECIALTY DESIGNS in our portfolio, this is is the hands down most requested. Even if you don’t NEED one we know you’ll WANT one. What the heck…it’s 2013 and the Mayan Calendar was incorrect…treat yourself!

Timber Frame Living Room with FireplaceLove to entertain? Have a growing family? Kids moving back home from college??? YIKES! If bigger is better or necessary…this home fits the bill. At 6,000SF, it’s not for everyone…but if it’s your thing…we’ll be happy to accommodate. We’ve built homes as small as 900SF…but your imagination and budget define the limits. Because it’s a truly SUSTAINABLE RESOURCE, we have lots of Timber…so don’t hold back on our account.

Contemporary CottageAt just under 2500 Square Feet our Contemporary Cottage is perfect for human sized living. A first floor Master Suite and two additional bedrooms on the second floor combined with 2.5 Baths makes this home perfect for just about everyone. You have to admit…it’s pretty good looking. Stylish and compact…A YUMMY HOME!

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