(You be the judge.)




“Nor rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor minus 7 degree mornings will keep our dedicated (and a little crazy) frame raising crew from their appointed rounds.”


I must admit…even with 54 plus years as a carpenter/builder, our recent Timber Frame raising in Whitehouse Station, NJ was a bit harrowing. (See my boots on the right). Sub-zero temps, icy perimeter and limited access were our constant partners during a week long project with no Mike at Johnsonbreaks, power bar lunches and occasional slips and falls.




In the end…our compact and beautiful TF addition to an existing home worked out well…and all survived. With other projects and commitments to address there was no option for longer weather delays than our client already experienced. So raise it we did. Thank you team mates Michael (left) and Al (right) (aka Anim-AL). We truly would have been unable to sustain our commitment to our client without your can-do, will-do focus.




Thanks also to Taylor (the Nailer), son of the owner who jumped in to help anytime he was not in school. He appeared each afternoon, tool belt strapped on and ready to go. We are very grateful for your help and impressed with your willing and voluntary work ethic.

Thanks again… Jack, Mike and Al

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