Yes… Eagles soar… but so do our TIMBERS!


We are very excited to have embarked on the WOLFCREST PROJECT in OWEGO, NY.

The Timber Frame was delivered, assembled and “flown into place” by 3PM of the second day. As always, it was quite the sight to witness and even more fun to engage.

Our clients Michael and Sheryl were on hand and HANDS-ON with the process. As the newest member of our TF apprentice program…Michael enjoyed the special pleasure of participating in the assembly and raising of his own frame. Needless to say it was educational and satisfying. I was on hand as usual to control the fish population in his private Bass Lake.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAMichael drives the FIRST PEG in his frame assembly. He decided that this peg will not be trimmed, providing an eternal reminder to all who enjoy the space about that special moment. Old time stair builders would build in a “squeak” in one step of a stairway for the same reason.

Michael and Sheryl operate the WILDERNESS WAY SCHOOL at their spectacular OWEGO, NY site. Forty plus beautifully treed and groomed acres provide their students from around the country a unique and natural experience about Wilderness Living. To learn more about the wild edibles growing around you and how to make a length of rope from a variety of tall grass…the Wilderness Way School is the place to be. CLIK HERE to view the 2013 course schedule.

ALSO… we are planning to offer a WILDERNESS WAY WEEKEND to our design clients and will keep you posted with our progress. The weekend will include lodging, camping, meals and wilderness classes for two. Guests will also enjoy getting up close and personal with Michael and Sheryl’s beautiful Timber Frame Hybrid home. It’s a win-win for all…and it’s complimentary to our guests. OH! WAIT…isn’t that a WIN-WIN-WIN ???



In virtually every case a Timber Frame / SIP enclosed homeowner can rely on maximizing their ROI (Return on Investment) by virtue of their TF/SIP homes:


Try it….you’ll LOVE IT!

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